How to Use a Tall Metal Storage Cabinet on Wheels

Do you need extra garage storage space… that you can move around? Check out the UltraHD tall metal storage cabinet on wheels. You can conveniently roll them around, plus each cabinet can hold 600 lbs worth of gear!

UltraHD Tall Metal Storage Cabinet on Wheels

Why Buy a Storage Cabinet on Wheels?

Something as simple as 5″ caster wheels can make a world of difference if you ever have to re-arrange your garage or simply move your cabinets. I mean, talk about a huge time saver!

Interior Adjustable Shelves of the Tall Metal Storage Cabinet

One Cabinet Holds Lots of Stuff

And besides their mobile capabilities, these enclosed shelving units can hold a lot of gear.

Conceal clutter, organize supplies and make stuff easier to find in your garage. Not to mention, you can make more space for your cars at the same time.

These tall cabinets measure approximately 6 feet tall and come with 3 adjustable shelves that can hold 150 lbs each.

Therefore, you can store heavy tools, equipment, paint cans, sports equipment, large bins, etc..

These Tall Stainless Steel Cabinets Can Quickly Modernize Your Garage

Use Tall Metal Cabinets on Wheels to Create a Wall of Mobile Storage in Your Garage

Not to mention, their clean-looking, yet rugged style can help upgrade the look of your garage. All while still providing tough, durable storage.

In fact, some people buy multiple units to create wall-to-wall garage storage.

For under $250 apiece, you can affordably renovate your garage interior in a weekend, or even a day. Depending on how much gear you have, of course. =)

Not a bad home improvement project, right?

Note: These tall cabinets do require assembly, but are fairly straightforward to put together. Thus, you can save money on shipping without having to spend an entire day building garage shelving.

More Ways to Use These Tall Cabinets on Wheels:

Mobile Tall Metal Cabinet on Casters Provides Additional Storage and Shelving in Laundry Room

The clean, modern style of these rolling cabinets makes them work well indoors too. For example, think laundry rooms, offices, lofts, workshops, playrooms etc..

Some families even like to create lockers for individual family members, similar to the mudroom concept. This way, everyone can keep their own stuff separate and easy to find.

In addition, each cabinet includes a key lock. So, you can keep contents secure if you need to. This feature can come in handy if you use these units in a common area, such as an office or warehouse. Or, if you simply want an extra degree of security in your own garage.

UltraHD Tall Metal Cabinets VS Gladiator Garage Cabinets

Gladiator Storage System in Garage

By the way, these tall metal cabinets look very similar to the Gladiator brand garage cabinets.

They both feature the commercial-grade toughness, but the UltraHD costs less. Plus they come with attachable locking wheels.

Compare both product lines to see which you like best. Gladiator does offer an entire line of matching base and wall cabinets, plus benches, stools and racks. In other words, you could easily create an entire full-function garage work space.

How to Clean Stainless Steel Cabinets:

Seville Classics incorporated a cool feature into these cabinet doors. They come with “UltraGuard”, which is a fingerprint-resistant finish.

Stainless Steel Garage Cabinet Doors with UltraGuard Finish that Resists Finger Prints

In other words, you get strong, sturdy and durable garage cabinets that also require minimal maintenance in cleaning. (This is a win in my book – I love low maintenance!)

As fas as cleaning goes, the manufacturer recommends simply wiping them down with warm water and a lint-free cloth. Microfiber cloths work the best at absorbing moisture, attracting dust and dirt and giving you a streak-free surface.

Specs for Tall Metal Storage Cabinet on Wheels:

  • Dimensions: 72″ Tall x 36″ Wide x 18″ Deep
  • Weight: 144 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 600 lbs (150 lbs per shelf)
  • Frame Material: Powder Coated Steel
  • Door Material: Stainless Steel
  • 3 Adjustable Shelves
  • Locking (with key)
  • Includes Set of (4) 5″ Wheels (2 wheels with brakes)
  • Model #: UHD16236B
  • Assembly Required (Assembly Instructions)
  • Manufacturer: Seville Classics 800-323-5565
  • (UltraHD is a line of products under Seville Classics)
  • Get the UltraHD Tall Cabinet on Wheels here

By the way, if you want to install cabinets that don’t sit directly on the ground, these rolling cabinets provide an easy solution. Alternatively, you could take a look at PrePac Hang-Ups garage wall cabinets.


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