Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Rolling Cabinet (Big & Tall)

Heavy Duty Rolling CabinetThis super sturdy and durable cabinet is also very versatile. It’s designed to be used in a garage, commercial kitchen or utilitarian area. However, its clean, industrial look makes it suitable for modern kitchens, laundry rooms or loft work spaces as well.

Main Features I Like About this Heavy Duty Rolling Cabinet:

Surprisingly, a single unit can hold a lot of supplies, gear, tools or whatever. And heavy items at that – about 150 lbs per shelf. If you lack closets or storage space in your home, these cabinets can be the way to go. Cabinet depth is only 18″, so all of this extra storage takes up minimal floor space.

Having wheels makes it easy to move and clean underneath. Even if you never intend on moving this heavy duty cabinet, the casters definitely give the unit a more unique, warehouse look.

Stainless Steel Rolling Cabinet in Kitchen or Garage

Note: This unit is not constructed entirely of stainless steel. It features stainless steel door fronts. The rest of the cabinet has a heavier gauge steel frame and is powder-coated steel. This gives you a stronger, more durable structure as well as keeping the cost low.

This video explains the key features in detail:

Rolling Cabinet Specs:

  • Dimensions: 72″ High x 36″ Wide x 18″ Deep
  • 3 Adjustable Shelves
  • 5″ Heavy-Duty Wheels
  • Includes Key Lock
  • Weight: 122 lbs
  • Weight Capacity 600 lbs

By the way, do you want matching pieces for your garage? Other heavy duty rolling cabinets in this collection include:

Seville Classics makes an entire line of heavy duty storage and organization units. These also include commercial bins, workbenches and steel wire shelving. Most are designed for garages and commercial spaces, but they can also be used anywhere you need strong, durable storage.


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