Garage Utility Cabinet – with Pegboard Organizer!

Tall Metal Garage Utility cabinet with Removable Pegboard, Door Hooks and Storage Pocket Organizers

Do you want metal storage cabinets that will help organize your stuff for you? This tall garage utility cabinet comes with a pegboard, door hooks and pockets.

Therefore, you can arrange your things into easy-to-find compartmentalized areas. And the cabinet accessories make this task much simpler.

In addition, the door organizer system helps maximize your storage space. (Typically the interior door panels become wasted space.)

However, you can easily hang all sorts of items on these doors. The allowable space on each door measures 56″ tall and 0.98″ deep.

Here are 4 creative ways to use a utility cabinet in your garage. Having different lockers for different types of items can be a simple way to clean up your garage. Not saying that you’re messy or anything.

1. Organized Sports Locker:

First of all, you can use this metal garage cabinet as a double-wide sports locker. Stow everything from sports equipment to water bottles to dumbbell weights. Yes, each shelf can hold up to 180 lbs!

Easy Way to Organize Sports Gear in Your Garage with Metal Utility Cabinets

Hang jump ropes, headphones, gloves, hats, bands and towels on the hooks or pegboard. Then, customize the shelf height to fit larger items like yoga mats, balls, bats, shoes, helmets, tennis racquets, etc..

Note: For golf club storage, check out the golf bag storage rack. And horizontal wall racks can hold skis, snowboards, wakeboards, waterskis and more without taking up any floor space.

2. Utility Cabinet Turned Toolbox:

Tall Metal Garage Cabinet with Pegboard
80 Piece Pegboard Hook Set with Baskets

Second, you can turn this tall cabinet into a giant toolbox. The included pegboard makes it easy to hang tools inside so you can easily find them. Plus, the door hooks and pockets can hold small tools and work supplies.

Although the cabinet includes the pegboard, it doesn’t come with hooks. You can purchase a 80-piece pegboard hook set for under $20 that includes a variety of different accessories. I like this kit because it also includes small baskets for items you can’t hang.

You can then use the lower shelves to store power tools and portable toolboxes. Keep all of your equipment organized, easy to find and out of sight. When it’s time to start on a work project, simply open the doors, and all of your gear is one convenient place.

Note: If you want a mobile utility cabinet, check out this storage cabinet on wheels. It has slightly larger dimensions and comes with 4 caster wheels, so you can easily move your gear around.

3. Garage Garden Shed:

Third, this heavy-duty cabinet works well for storing gardening supplies. For example, use the pegboard to hang pruning shears, garden trowels or organize drip irrigation parts.

Keep flower pots, seeds, fertilizer and soil on the lower shelves. You can also adjust the shelf height to store garden sprayers, larger tools, gardening boots, etc..

Note: The tough, powder-coated steel doors resist rust, corrosion and chipping, so moisture does not cause a problem. That said, this utility cabinet is designed for indoor use, not outdoor.

4. Handy Cleaning Supply Closet:

Cleaning Supplies

Store all sorts of cleaning supplies and materials in this one cabinet, including brooms and mops. (Keep in mind the max space allowance is 56″ tall and 0.98″ deep.)

Although this cabinet can hold things like paper towels, toilet paper and cleaning products, I think it’s more useful for heavier items. I mean, why not take advantage of the high 180 lb per shelf weight capacity, right?

Specs for the Garage Utility Cabinet:

  • Dimensions: 70.86″ Tall x 31.5″ Wide x 15.75″ Deep
  • Weight: 104 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 900 lbsTall Garage Cabinet with Door and Side Organizer Accessories, Hooks, Removable Pegboard
  • Material: 22 Gauge Steel
  • Finish: Powder-Coated
  • Color: Dark Grey
  • Shelves: 5 (4 adjustable)
  • Doors: 2
  • Includes Removable Pegboard
  • Pegboard Hooks Not Included
  • 2 Textile Door Pockets
  • 6 Metal Hooks
  • Lockable, Keys Included
  • Comes with Foot Levelers
  • Wall Mounting Brackets Included
  • Assembly Required
  • Brand: Metaltiger
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the Utility Cabinet