Make Easy Garage Lockers with Plastic Storage Cabinets

The garage can provide a great place for family “lockers”. Think of them like a mudroom, but shoes, jackets, hats and other gears are neatly concealed inside the lockers themselves. No need to worry if someone in the family is messy…

Matching Plastic Garage Cabinets from Suncast

What I Like About These Easy Garage Lockers:

What I really like about plastic storage cabinets for this garage locker concept is that they are inexpensive and sturdy. Basically, that’s what we all want when it comes to garage storage anyway, right?

We don’t have to buy a fancy set of cabinets or build a complete shelving unit. In addition, the heavy-duty plastic resin resists marks and holds up well to bumps and dings.

Another cool thing I’d like to mention is that these storage “lockers” are a breeze to put together. No drilling or hammering. In fact, you can assemble the unit almost completely without tools. Now this is my kind of home improvement project!

See what I mean here:

Are There Drawbacks to Using Plastic Cabinets?

The drawback to these fabricated plastic units is that their appearance leaves much to be desired. They are often very cheap and generic-looking with little style.

What’s the Solution?

Garage Lockers Made from Plastic Storage Cabinets

What I like about the Suncast products is that they do have style. Their cabinets have a modern industrial look and come in silver and platinum instead of the regular tan or beige.

In addition, they have a textured faux-metal exterior design which gives them an upgraded look, especially when several pieces are used together.

Use a few of their tall storage cabinets as family lockers, and your garage organization project can be resolved in an afternoon. Or hang several of their wall units – or use a couple of their base storage cabinets.

No more arguing about people leaving their stuff around the house. Well, maybe.

What About Other Brands?

Suncast has made a nice upgrade from the traditional Rubbermaid units (not that I have anything against Rubbermaid – but Suncast cabinets are definitely a step-up). Suncast also gets better reviews from customers AND they are up to 40% cheaper.

Sterilite is another lower-price brand with good ratings, but they sometimes go out of stock, like the last time I looked. Essentially, all 3 brands produce plastic cabinets of similar size and shape, but their outer design and style can vary.


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