New Age Cabinets for Garage & Getting the Best Price

Do you want to convert your garage to a usable workspace with plenty of storage? New Age Cabinets provide heavy-duty garage storage constructed to last a lifetime.

NewAge Cabinets for Garage Storage

Their ultra-sturdy built-in design can quickly transform your garage into a fully-functional space. Not to mention, you instantly increase the value of your home.

Furthermore, this 10-piece system allows you to customize your storage to your space and needs. For example, you can install your wall cabinets against 2 walls instead of 1, or into a corner.

How to Arrange and Organize Your Garage Cabinet 10-Piece Set

How to Make New Age Cabinet Even More User-Friendly:

NewAge Slatwall Backsplash Optional Accessory to Garage Cabinet Kits

In addition, you can get optional accessories to enhance your workspace.

For one, the NewAge Cabinets already come with a mountable light valance if you choose to install LED lighting.

Plus, NewAge sells a slatwall backsplash and accessory kits to help you organize your tools.

Specs for New Age Garage Cabinets:

  • # of Pieces: 10 (see below)
  • Weight: 1,444 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: Wall Cabinets (200 lbs), Floor Cabinets (1,000 lbs)
  • Material: Fully-Welded 18-Gauge Steel
  • Finish: Industrial Powder Coat Paint
  • 3 Color Options: Grey, Platinum or Red (not available in blue)
  • 2 Worktop Options: Bamboo or Stainless Steel
  • Adjustable Leveling Legs Included
  • Assembly & Installation Instructions
  • Model #: 52551
  • Manufacturer: NewAge Products, Inc
  • Phone: 1-877-306-8930
  • Get the NewAge Cabinet Kit Here
New Age garage Cabinet 10-Piece Kit

Units Included in 10-Piece Set:

  • Multi-Use Lockers (3)
  • 5- Drawer Garage Tool Cabinet (1)
  • Multi-Function Cabinet (1)
  • Two-Door Base Cabinet (1)
  • Wall Cabinets (3)
  • 84″ Long x 24″ Deep Worktop (1)

Where to Buy NewAge Cabinets for the Best Price?

Costco offers their own 10-piece version of the NewAge Products Pro 3.0 Series. However, you give up a lower cabinet for an upper cabinet and an entire storage locker for a light kit.

In other words, you get the same number of cabinet parts but less storage space. For some people, smaller storage systems may fit better in narrower garages, so check you dimensions.

Note: Actually, you may get the best deal by going with the NewAge “Bold 3.0” 10-piece set instead of the “Pro 3.0”. You can pay about $300 less than Costco’s price.

Bold VS Pro NewAge Cabinets:

Alternatively, you can save money by purchasing the New Age Bold 3.0 Garage Cabinets instead of the Pro 3.0. So, how do they compare?

The main difference between these 2 models is their size and weight capacity. For example, the Pro 3.0 series can hold about 20% more weight than the Bold 3.0.

In addition, the Pro 3.0 has more height, depth and width to its cabinets. Not to mention, the more expensive Pro system includes upgraded features like soft close hardware, drawer dividers, integrated rails and more.

NewAge Garage Cabinets for Organizing Storage

In Summary: Although you get about 20% less storage area with less weight capacity, you can save about 30% on the lower-priced Bold series without having to wait for a sale.

That said, if you want a heavy duty storage system, go for the Pro 3.0. Customers agree the framework is much more impressive.

Want to compare design features, storage capacity and accessories? You can view the complete comparison chart here.

Installation Instructions for NewAge Cabinets:

The following video explains how to install New Age Garage Cabinets Pro Series in your garage. Due to the heavy weight of the cabinets, the manufacturer recommends that 2 people perform the install.

In addition to Phillips screwdrivers and wrenches, you’ll need a power drill, level, stud finder, measuring tape, 7/16″ socket, a set square and a pencil.


Cabinets arrive already put together. However, you will need to attach the feet or caster wheels, shelves and drawers, rods, hangers and worktop.

Plus, the project involves securing the units to wood studs in the wall. Conveniently, each base and floor cabinet features side mounting slots that enable each piece to stand flush with the others.

As you can see, the connected infrastructure of this cabinet kit makes this built-in system really secure and stable. You can download the complete assembly instructions here.

Note: If the NewAge cabinets are not available, check out the Ulti-Mate 9-piece Garage Cabinet Kit. It includes upper and lower cabinets, tall cabinets and drawers. Plus, it comes with a 6-foot long worktop.

Ulti-Mate 9-Piece Garage Cabinet Kit with Upper, Lower and Tall Cabinets with Worktop

These heavy duty cabinets feature a sleek, modern style that can enhance the look of your garage. Plus, you can securely lock each of the cabinets, and they comes with lets to elevate them off the ground.


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Enjoy Your Garage Again...

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