How to Organize Tools in Your Garage in 9 Steps…

Do you want to get rid of clutter and make your gardening, power and hand tools easy to find? Here’s how to organize tools in your garage using cabinets, DIY shelves, drawers, hooks, pegboards, toolboxes and more.

How to Organize Tools in Your Garage in 9 Steps

1. Sort & Organize Your Tools

First, arrange your tools into categories based on their purpose, size or frequency of use. This step can help you identify which storage solutions will work best for each group of tools.

2. Asses Your Garage Space Storage Options

Next, look at the available space and decide which areas you can use for storage. Also, don’t forget to look upward to take advantage of overhead storage, areas above windows or on walls close to the ceiling.

3. Decide How You Want to Store Your Tools

Based on your assessment of the available space and your tool categories, choose the appropriate storage solutions. For example, you can use cabinets, shelves, wall hooks, pegboards or toolboxes.

4. Install Shelves and Cabinets

Tall cabinets and shelves can store larger tools and garden equipment. Therefore, it’s good to start with these pieces. To save time, you can buy DIY kits that you assemble yourself. On the other hand, you can build a wall organizing system if you’re handy and prefer to save money.

Wall-Hanging Cabinet System for Garage with Tall Cabinets, Drawers, Pegboard and Workbench

5. Organize Small Hand Tools in Drawers and Bins

Next, use drawers for smaller tools and accessories. Some garage cabinets include pull-oout drawers, or you can buy bins or tubs separately that slide in and out of shelves.

6. Hang Tools on Wall with Hooks or Strips

If needed, allow space on a wall to hang larger tools and gardening equipment. You can get heavy duty wall hooks and racks that keep all of your gear easily accessible and off of the floor.

Alternatively, you can use magnetic hanging strips. Just attach the magnetic strip to your wall and place your tools on the strip. Magnetic strips work best for metal tools like screwdrivers, pliers and wrenches.

Heavy Duty Crownwall Slatwall Kit for Hanging Heavy Equipment and Tools in Garage

Slatwall panels provide a more heavy-duty option for hanging tools in your garage. They can support a lot of weight and allow you to easily move and reposition your hooks and holders. Plus, you can choose from a variety of colors to match your garage decor.

7. Install a Pegboard to Hang Tools

Pegboards work great for keeping hand tools organized and easy to find. In addition, you can get hooks, pegs and hanging bins to customize your pegboard for your specific storage needs.

Pegboard Wall Organizer

Pegboard accessories include straight, curved or double hooks, as well as holders for screwdrivers, pliers and wrenches. You can also get basket attachments or hangers for saws, levels, drills and more.

Pegboards are easy to install. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes and can be easily cut to fit your garage wall. Simply mount the pegboard on the wall, add hooks and then hang your tools.

8. Label Storage Drawers, Cabinets, Bins, etc…

Next, label your storage areas and compartments so everything is easy to find. Use labels that are easy to read and attach them to the front of shelves, cabinets and drawers.

9. Use a Tool Chest or Toolbox

If you own a lot of hand tools, you may want to invest in a toolbox that can conveniently hold all of your gear in one place. Plus, you can get mobile tool chests that roll on wheels.


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