What’s the Best Rolling Tool Chest? – from $100-900

Do you ned a mobile garage organizer for tools, small parts and other fix-it items? The GoPlus Rolling Tool Chest has lots of cool features at an affordable price (under $250), but there are 6 other top-rated tool boxes to choose from…

Rolling Tool Chest

Advantages of a Rolling Tool Box/Organizer:

Compared to a standard tool box, the Goplus Rolling Tool Chest has a variety of different features. As a result, this unique design makes this tool carrier a lot more versatile.

For example, the box has 6 separate drawers, so you can organize smaller tools and hardware where they are easier to find. Below the pull-out drawers, you get an additional storage area for taller items like bottles, can, etc..

Rolling Tool Chest Combo with Removable Top

Then, you can remove the top section of the tool box. This allows you to easily carry the upper portion with you, so you don’t have to roll around the entire tool chest.

Detaching the top also transforms the top section of the bottom compartment into a small work table. And finally, you can hang wrenches and other frequently used gadgets on the outside wall.

Garage Tool Cart Features with Drawers, Hooks and Work Table

It’s almost like getting 2 toolboxes in one unit. Not to mention, you can use it as a small mobile table or workbench too.

Rolling Cabinet Tool Chest

Specs for the Rolling Tool Chest:

  • Size: 43.5″ Tall x 24.5″ Wide x 13″ Deep
  • Weight: 58.5 lbs
  • Number of Drawers: 6
  • Drawer Weight capacity (tool box): 33 lbs
  • Drawer Weight capacity (cabinet): 55 lbs
  • Material: Cold Rolled Steel
  • 4 Swivel Casters (2 locking)
  • Color: Black
  • Indoor-Outdoor
  • Lockable: Yes (top compartment)
  • Assembly Required
  • Model #: US-ES-000004
  • Brand: GoPlus
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the GoPlus Tool Cart

5 More Tool Chests on Wheels:

Of course, GoPlus isn’t the only company making garage roller cabinets. In fact, you can choose from lots of different brands. Below, I’ve listed 6 of the most popular mobile tool organizers (& even workbenches!).

1. ($100-$125) First, Keter makes toolbox on wheels with 16 different bin organizers. This modular-type storage cabinet makes it really easy to arrange, categorize and declutter, so you can quickly find tools and parts.

Green Grizzly Rolling Tool Chest with 11 Locking Drawers and Bulk Storage Compartment

2. ($1900-$2000) Second, the Grizzly Industrial comes with 11 drawers, a bulk storage compartment and locking drawers. In addition it also has a push handle, which can double as a spot to conveniently hang a towel.

3. ($850-$900) Third, Gladiator makes a heavy-duty “Modular GearDrawer” with up to 1,400 lbs capacity. Plus, this unit comes pre-assembled with the ultimate in weatherproof design.

4. ($499-$550) Fourth, the Dewalt Roller Tool Chest features wide flat drawers as well as a deep pull-out cabinet. Therefore, you can store larger power tools as well. In fact, the power tool drawer has 6 outlets and 2 USB ports to charge tools and devices.

5. ($250-$289) Lastly, the DNA Motoring Tool Cabinet with wheels. You can get this Toolbox in a simple 5-drawer version with lockable drawers and weight capacity of up to 450 lbs.


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