My Favorite (Easy) Garage Shelving Plans – DIY Shelves

Shelving can be a simple, inexpensive way to add lots of storage space to a garage. With these garage shelving plans, you can finish this project in a weekend. Then, have plenty of shelves on which to organize your stuff.

Garage Shelving Instructions

Super Easy Garage Shelving PlansThere are lots of garage shelving plans on the internet that you can pick up for free, along with video step-by-step instructions. I’ve picked out my favorite below.

It is a simple, easy-to construct design, and it is completely built using inexpensive 2 x 4’s that you can pick up at your local home improvement store. This makes this DIY project virtually mistake-free, even if you are a novice.

Get the 20′ Shelving Plans Here

The key tricks that I learned are:

  • Secure the shelving unit to the wall so that it doesn’t sway or tip over.
  • Extend the posts from floor to ceiling to take full advantage of unused space.
  • You can use 2 x 4’s to complete the entire project. Cheap and simple!

Does your garage has a recessed nook or alcove with a lowered ceiling? You may be able to build these shelving units in the nook and then add sliding barn doors using inexpensive barn door hardware. This can give you the clean look of an enclosed cabinet and possibly even more storage space.

Does Garage Shelving Solve the Clutter Problem?

Although I like the simplicity and low cost of garage shelving, it can make a garage look just as cluttered due to its open design. We need to “conceal” all of our stuff so that it doesn’t simply look like a mess on shelves.

Stackable Storage Tubs in GarageThe trick is to use something like enclosed tubs that you can slide on and off of the shelves.

They can help your storage area look neat and tidy, and you can still have your cheap-to-build shelving unit.

I prefer to use opaque containers that all match in color.

However, using different colored-tubs for different types of items can also be great for making gear easier to find. And clear containers can sometimes work better for situations where you want to see into the bins.

The $3 5-Gallon BucketAnother cheap option for organizing sports gear, tools and other items are the 5-gallon buckets that we’ve all seen at Home Depot or Lowe’s for $3-$4. I found them at Walmart for about $3 in plain white.

These buckets are also handy because they have those convenient carrying handles. Keep them all white or spray paint them to create a color-coded organization system on your garage shelving unit… or simply make it look cool.


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