How to Organize a Garage – 7 Great Tips…

Is your garage a mess? Here are 7 tips on how to organize a garage – whether you need a quick, simple fix or you are on a budget.

7 Ways to Organize Your Garage with Simple Cost-Effective DIY Tips to Reduce Clutter & Increase Storage Space

How Should I Start Organizing My Garage?

First, remove everything from your garage and sort it into categories. For example, tools, sports gear, cleaning supplies, auto supplies, seasonal decorations, etc.

In addition, make piles of things that you want to sell, donate or trash. This step in itself can often clear out a lot of clutter before you start organizing.

What is the Best Way to Store Tools?

You have several options here, depending on the tool size and the amount of equipment you have. I suggest using enclosed cabinets and drawers, as well as pegboards, rolling toolboxes and magnetic strips.

Where Should I Store Seasonal Decorations?

For items that you use infrequently or only one time a year, try overhead storage. For instance, you can install storage racks or build floor-to-ceiling shelving, with the top shelves for seasonal decor. Get cheap storage tubs with lids that keep out dust, moisture and critters. Not that you have any of those crawling around your garage.

How Can I Take Advantage of Vertical Storage Space?

Grey Pegboard for Hanging Tools in the Garage

As we talked about above, overhead storage racks and upper shelving work well because you can easily see what you have. (Be sure to label tubs and bins.)

Also consider hooks for things like long gardening tools or bicycles or pegboards for tools.

Wall cabinets installed up high can work well at hiding clutter, but they don’t work so well at keeping items visible and easy to find.

Common Organizing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them:

Most importantly, don’t forget the first step on this page. In other words, organizing a bunch of stuff that you never use simply gives you a bunch of well-sorted clutter.

Second, label all storage containers. In addition, I write a list contents in some cabinets or boxes that contain several different things. This will save you so much time in the future when you are looking for things.

Third, put items where they are most handy. For instance, put things that you use more frequently in the most accessible areas.

How Do I Maximize Storage Space in a Small Garage?

Outdoor Shed for Garage Storage

This is where you want to really take advantage of vertical wall space and overhead storage. Therefore, you may still be able to park your cars in the garage too.

You may also want to consider a weatherproof storage shed if you have the outdoor space. Basically, these give you extra space for storing items without crowding your parking area. Plus, you may find that this indoor/outdoor sheds make it easier to access gardening tools and equipment.

Should I Hire a Pro to Help Me Organize?

If you feel overwhelmed or unsure of where to start, a professional organizer can help. They can provide ideas and a plan for your specific situation. Plus, they can give you strategies on how to keep the space organized going forward.


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