How to Organize Your Garage: 7 Tips from a Pro

There are a variety of ways that you can organize a garage (shelving, garage cabinet sets, tubs, bins, hooks, racks, etc..). What’s best for you will depend on the items you own, the space you have available and what you want to use the space for. Of course, our budgets also play a role.

How to Organize Your Garage

The video below provides a before and after garage makeover that incorporates several different organization strategies, including adding usable work spaces. I think that the “work space” concept is a great idea, since this minor addition can add lots more function and value to a commonly unused space while not taking away from storage.

Whether you use one or all of Nikki’s techniques, her makeover goes to show that you can fit and organize a lot of items in wall and ceiling space alone. It also demonstrates how easy it is to dress up the space with fresh paint and consistent color throughout.


Key Takeaways on How to Organize Your Garage:

1. Make use of the area located next to the door to into the house. Nikki stacked recycle bins in this space, but you also create a mini mudroom with cubbies for shoes or hooks for jackets.

2. Get a tall cabinet where you can store smaller miscellaneous items like paint cans, cleaning products, fertilizers, etc.. Going vertical lets you store more items using less floor space, and the closable doors create a clean, tidy look. For example, Home Depot sells a 6 foot tall, 4 foot wide wardrobe than can hide a load of stuff, for only about $129.

Overhead Storage Rack in Garage

3. Take advantage of overhead storage for things that you may not use as often, like seasonal decorations. This leaves you plenty of space underneath to use for additional cabinets, hanging racks or even a desk!

Many times, homeowners forget about the 2 feet of ceiling storage space, leaving it open and unused. This basically ends up making the rest of garage more crowded. You can get a 4-foot by 4-foot ceiling storage rack for about $80 and install it yourself.

4. Pegboards are perfect for organizing lots of small tools, and they are cheap. Plus, they can be painted to match the walls, shelves or the cabinetry. Pegboards are commonly seen above workbenches, but some people cover entire walls with them.

Gray Storage Tub, 20 Gallon

5. When using open shelves in the garage, get several matching tubs or bins to create a uniform look. Stackable containers are a great way to fit more items into the space while still making them easily accessible.

Buying in multiples is usually an easy way to save money too. Don’t forget Dollar Stores too, especially for smaller organizers. This is the pros’ secret to organizing on the cheap.

6. Go beyond just storage. When you organize your garage with wall shelves and cabinets, you may be able to easily add a flat surface for a workbench, craft table or desk. Without losing any storage space, you may be able to make your garage more usable and functional.

Would it be handy to have a designated space to work on home repair or miscellaneous projects? Do you have a hobby that you could enjoy more if you created a specific area to do it? Think outside the house and into the garage. It may be the perfect new room in your house!

7. Don’t overlook the power of paint. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint on the walls, a stain or epoxy on the concrete floor or shelves and cabinets painted to match, this simple and inexpensive fix-up trick can work wonders. Not only can it make your garage look cleaner, but it can also make it look more organized and spacious.


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