How to Save Money on a Deluxe Garage Storage Set

Do you want to give your garage a high-end look, get rid of clutter and save money at the same time? This 7-piece garage storage set can save you hundreds of dollars, yet you still get deluxe features.

Garage Storage Set with Wall-Hanging Cabinets, Self-Closing Drawers, Worktop

For example, this Garage TECH set costs about $300-600 less than the comparable NewAge Cabinet Set or Ulti-Mate garage cabinets. However, Garage TECH still gives you self-closing doors and drawers and a upscale metallic grey scratch-resistant finish.

Space-Saving Cabinets Reduce Clutter & Upgrade Garage:

The cabinets enable you take advantage of a large amount of wall space (8 feet wide x 6.5 feet tall) without taking up much floor area. Therefore, your garage won’t feel any smaller.

Plus, the enclosed storage minimizes clutter and may even make your garage seem more spacious. Not to mention, you can easily organize tools, sports equipment or household supplies so you can find stuff faster.

Space-Saving Wall-Mounted Garage Cabinets in Grey

Note: If you have extra things that won’t fit in the cabinets, don’t forget about the area above and below the unit itself using enclosed tubs. You can actually store quite a bit more stuff – or keep the area clutter free.

In addition, buying cabinets in a bundle with multiple units allows you to cut your cost significantly. However, this package deal includes a variety of upper and lower cabinets, pull-out drawers, tall cabinets and a worktop.

As a result, you have a lot more options as how you store your gear. Plus the worktop provides a convenient space to work on small projects without having to buy a formal workbench.

Note: People often don’t consider the fact that high-quality garage cabinet sets can actually be a wise investment. First of all, they enhance the look and efficiency of the space and consequently can increase your home’s value.

And second, you get to enjoy them often – every time you drive in and out of the garage. In fact, you may end up using your garage more often for various activities – simply because it’s a nicer spot to hang out.

Storage Cabinet Assembly Instructions:

The video below shows you how to install the support bars, put together the cabinets, attach the doors and hang the complete set on a wall. The installation does require some time, but this DIY project is straightforward and easy to follow.


Cabinet Set Includes:

  • 2 Tall Cabinets (32″ Wide)
  • 1 Base Door Storage Cabinet
  • 2 Upper Wall Storage Cabinets
  • 1 Base Drawer Storage Cabinet
  • 1 Worktop

How to Organize Your Tools on the Wall:

Grey Pegboard for Hanging Tools in the Garage

The package includes all components, including hardware and a worktop. However, it does not come with the tool-hanging wall board.

If you want to use the wall space for hanging tools (or other items), you can get 2 sets of grey pegboards (32″ x 32″). The open wall space between the upper and lower cabinets measures 34″ Tall x 64″ Wide.

Paneling to fit the space costs less than $100. (Purchasing small sections and stacking them together typically costs less than buying 1 large panel.)

Note: You can choose from 10 different background colors for this garage storage set, including shiny galvanized steel. Then, get a pegboard hook accessory kit so you can hang and organize all of your small tools.

Specs for the 7-Piece Astro Garage Storage Set:

  • Dimensions: 79″ Tall x 96″ Wide x 20″ Deep
  • Weight Capacity: 960 lbs (60 lbs per shelf)
  • Material: MelamineGarage Cabinet Set with Shelves, Drawers and Worktop
  • Finish Color: Metallic Grey
  • Resistant to Water, Heat & Scratches
  • Soft-Closing Drawers & Doors
  • Tall Cabinets Have 3 Adjustable Shelves
  • Wall-Mountable
  • Assembly Required
  • Model: D Garage Cabinet Set, Astro Collection
  • Manufacturer: Garage Tech
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the Garage Tech Cabinet Set


Prepac Hangups Storage Cabinet Set for Garage to Organize Your Gear and De-Clutter Your Parking Area

Enjoy Your Garage Again...

Wall Cabinet Set Organizes, De-Clutters & Upgrades Your Garage & Turns it into Usable Space. Modern Design, Great Price