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My name is Gina Danly. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about garage cabinets, storage, organization, etc..

People call me a “serial organizer”. I love getting rid of clutter and making efficient use of space. Basically, this comes down to organizing everything. Seriously, I really do that.

In my case, the garage turned into the spot where miscellaneous “stuff” ended up. Everything we didn’t know what to do with or didn’t have space for anywhere else ended up there… in a disorganized, cluttered mess.

But once I discovered garage storage systems, shelving and cabinets, I went crazy organizing everything. Now, everything has its spot, and I can find items easily. In fact, we now have space for a workbench, exercise equipment and even our cars. Imagine that!

Cabinet systems transform the garage into a big, versatile room on to your house without the excessive cost of a remodeling project. In addition, with garage cabinet kits, you don’t have to hire a contractor or have interior design skills. It can be an easy weekend project and can also be quite affordable (not to mention add value to your home!).

Remember, let me know if you have any questions!

Gina Danly

Head Designer

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