White Garage Cabinets – Upgrade Your Garage for Cheap!

South Shore White Garage CabinetsWant to get rid of clutter and un-organized piles of “stuff” in your garage without spending a lot of time or money? Check out these white garage cabinets that can conceal all messes and brighten up the look of your garage at the same time.

To be honest, South Shore designed this unit as pantry cabinets. In other words, they are sleek enough for you to use indoors in a kitchen, laundry room, office or mudroom.

Imagine cheap and modern IKEA-like furniture that saves you money. However, you can conveniently have them shipped to your home for free!

That said, they are durable enough to work in a garage. Not to mention, they take up very little floor space, which makes them ideal for adding storage next to parked cars.

Plus, their contemporary style and bright white color can instantly enhance the look and increase the value of your garage. This large and very functional space is commonly overlooked when it comes to design or appearance.

I mean, you can simply assemble a few tall cabinets, place them along a wall and provide tons of additional storage for the family. In addition, you can conceal piles of sports gear, home supplies, holiday decorations, tools and more.

Downside of White Garage Cabinets:

White furnishings can make a room look cleaner, larger and lighter. However, they can more easily show dirt. Depending on how much dust and debris your garage accumulates, white may not provide the best option for you.

Modern, Contemporary Black Garage Cabinets for CheapNote: By the way, you can get these units in multiple colors. Go with white or light grey to brighten the space or black or dark brown to hide dirt and scuff marks.

You can also choose from multiple wood tones for a more traditional and natural look. In any case, you can completely de-clutter and re-style your garage in a weekend or less.

(Colors include white, grey, maple, pine, morgan cherry, royal cherry, chocolate and black.)

Modern, Multi-Functional Garage Cabinets Provide Lots of Storage for Less than $125

Modern, Contemporary Garage Storage Cabinets Take Up Minimal Space and Have Lots of Adjustable ShelvesCompared to painting the walls and building your own shelving from lumber, these assemble-yourself cabinet can save you hours of time. On top of that, you get enclosed storage that makes your garage look tidier effortlessly. =)

Furthermore, these tall wall cabinets can act as storage lockers. For example, each family member can have their own cabinet to store their stuff separately. This makes items easier to find as well.

Each cabinet comes with 4 doors and interior shelves that you can adjust to your needs. Therefore, you can use lots of shelves to organizes many smaller items or remove some shelves to accommodate larger items.

I like wall cabinets with a taller design such as these because they maximize garage storage. Not to mention, they work very well at hiding ugly walls with minimal effort.

Note: Chemical cleaning products can damage the finish of these cabinets. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends using mild cleaners or basically wiping them down with a damp cloth. The tough outer layer of laminated particleboard is typically easy to clean and keep clean.

Specs for South Shore White Garage Cabinets:

Country Pine Wall Cabinets for Garage StorageThese cabinets stick out less than a foot from the wall. Yet, they provide over 5 feet of vertical storage. (Plus, you can place items on top that you can actually reach!)

  • Dimensions: 62″ Tall x 23.5″ Wide x 11″ Deep
  • Weight: 66 lbs
  • Cabinet Material: Laminated Particleboard
  • Door Handles: Plastic
  • Shelf Weight Capacity: 25 lbs
  • 8 Color Options: White, Grey, Maple, Pine, Morgan Cherry, Royal Cherry, Chocolate & Black
  • Model #: 7150971
  • Manufacturer: South Shore, Phone: 1-800-290-0465
  • Assembly Required
  • Get the South Shore Garage Cabinets Here

How to Assemble South Shore Garage Cabinets in 10 Steps:

Assembly Diagram for South Shore Garage CabinetAlthough this cabinet is large, it only requires approximately 1 1/2 hours to put together. Ideally, you want to have 2 people available to make the project faster and easier.

Keep in mind that you’ll want a large area for this assembly project, because you connect the pieces together on the floor. Therefore, having an open floor space will make assembling the tall cabinet easier.

You will need 2 tools: a hammer and a screwdriver. The package includes all necessary hardware, many of which you can install by hand.

You can download the complete assembly instructions here, which contains easy-to-follow diagrams. It breaks down this DIY project into 10 simple steps.


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