Easy Garage Organization – Storage Cabinet with Bins

Akro-Mils Steel Storage Cabinet with Bins

Do you want a large garage organizer that enables you to arrange and store small parts in one place? The Akro-Mils Storage Cabinet with Bins (and shelves) provides the ultimate garage de-cluttering system.

How is this Garage Cabinet Better for Organizing?

This heavy duty metal cabinet can hold tools, automotive supplies, gardening and cleaning materials and more. In addition, it can organize hardware, drill bits, paint brushes, etc..

Plus, you can divide bin areas into sections to categorize all sorts of gear into a single storage cabinet. This innovative storage design really lets you get the most out of your container space.

Note: Furthermore, the closing doors help keep the interior items clean and free of dust. And, the door handle is lockable, just in case you keep this cabinet in a public area.

Uline offers an even larger storage case that measures 48″ wide as compared to 36″ wide. It costs about $300 more and comes with the same number of hanging plastic bins (102).

Advantages of an Akro-Mils Small Parts Organizer:

Unlike traditional garage cabinets, this tall industrial storage cabinet has a louvered back and doors. Therefore, you can install the plastic bins where you like and create a unique organizing system to meet your needs.

Akro Mils Tall Storage Cabinet with Louvered Doors and Wall

These containers make efficient use of space like stackable bins, except you don’t have to stack them. Not to mention, the multi-bin door organizer system makes small parts easy to find and get to.

Note: In fact, stackable bin storage cabinets like this can work well as a kitchen pantry for food. Alternatively, you can use it to organize craft items or gardening supplies.

Yellow AkroBins
Includes (48) 30210 bins, (48) 30220 bins & (6) 30250 bins

Specs for the Akro-Mils Storage Cabinet with Bins

  • Dimensions: 78″ Tall x 36″ Wide x 24″ Deep
  • Weight: 340 lbs
  • Material: 16-Gauge Steel, Plastic Bins
  • Finish: Power-Coated, Scratch-Resistant
  • Style: Louvered Cabinet
  • Shelves: 3, Adjustable
  • Color: Grey Cabinet with Yellow Bins
  • Includes 102 AkroBins
  • Locking Handle
  • Comes Pre-Assembled
  • Model #: AC3624 Y3AS
  • Made in USA
  • Manufacturer: Akro-Mils
  • Phone: 800-253-2467
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the Bin Storage Cabinet

Turning Your Akro-Mils into a Mobile Bin Storage Cabinet:

Cabinet Dolly

Although the Akro-Mils storage cabinet doesn’t come with wheels, you can turn it into a mobile unit. Akro-Mils makes a panel dolly specifically designed to fit the base of the cabinet (36″ wide x 24″ deep).

Just like a rolling tool chest, having your supplies within hands reach makes projects a lot easier and less time consuming.


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