Sports Lockers for Garage Family Storage – Made Easy

Sports Lockers for Garage Storage

Do you want to create an organized mudroom area in your garage for each family member? Metal sports lockers for garage storage provide a simple and effective solution.

Why Use Sports Lockers for Garage Storage?

The heavy duty commercial grade steel cabinets are extremely durable. Therefore, they can withstand frequent use, door slamming, etc..

In fact, they are the same athletic-style lockers you see in schools, gyms and offices.

However, these units can also save you money because they don’t feature fancy finishes or upgraded cabinetry like some residential versions do.

Plus, these lockers already come with built-in shelves and hooks. And possibly best of all, the doors provide ventilation louvers.

Here is a chart highlighting the benefits of sports lockers:

OrganizationSports lockers help keep sports equipment and gear organized and easily accessible.
SecurityAthletic lockers provide a secure storage solution, protecting equipment and gear from theft.
DurabilityThese metal storage lockers are made from durable materials, built to withstand everyday wear and tear.
VersatilitySports lockers can store a wide range of sports equipment, such as bats, balls, and golf clubs.
AffordabilityBasic “no-frills” lockers offer an affordable storage option for sports enthusiasts.
Colorful Garage Lockers - Paint Them Yourself

Note: Industrial lockers not only look cool, but they can keep your family’s gear organized and easy to find.

Not to mention, they can minimize clutter in your garage, which gives you one less thing to worry about.

Plus, you can paint them bright or different colors to create a fun look in an otherwise dull space…

Why Would I Not Want to Use Sports Lockers in My Garage?

There are several reasons why you might want to consider alternatives to metal sports lockers for your garage.

1. Rust Resistance: Metal lockers, unless properly treated or coated, can be susceptible to rust in a humid garage environment. This could potentially harm your sports equipment and affect the long-term durability of the locker.

2. Heat Retention: Metal lockers tend to absorb and retain heat. In a garage with fluctuating temperatures, this can become problematic, potentially damaging heat-sensitive sports gear or equipment that you store inside.

3. Potential Damage: Depending on the weight and size of your sports equipment, there is a risk of accidental damage to both the locker and your gear. Metal lockers can dent or scratch easily if heavy or sharp objects are accidentally dropped or mishandled.

4. Ventilation Limitations: Metal lockers may not provide sufficient ventilation, which could lead to poor air circulation and potential issues like odors or mildew buildup. This is particularly concerning if you store sports gear or equipment that requires proper airflow to prevent moisture-related problems.

More information:

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Full-Length Storage Lockers VS Double Tier:

Double Tier Metal Athletic Lockers for Garage Storage

You can get standard full-length single tier lockers that include a hat shelf, plus ceiling and wall hooks. These work well if you have long or tall items such as jackets, baseball bats.

Alternatively, you may prefer double-tier lockers. They offer virtually the same storage capacity, yet you get more divided compartments to organize different gear separately.

Note: Whether you choose the single tier or double tier style (or a combination of each), you can take advantage of vertical wall space for storage. In other words, you can store lots of items without taking up much floor space in your garage. =)

Each locker unit also comes with 6″ tall legs that you can attach to the base. This elevates the cabinets off of the ground, which makes them more user-friendly and helps to keep them cleaner.

Athletic Lockers Work Well in Tight Spaces:

Garage cabinets can get rid of clutter, thus creating more space to move around. Furthermore, the tall narrow shape of each locker unit works well in garages where you have vehicles and, most likely, limited space.

For instance. the doors are small and therefore don’t swing open wide where they might hit a car door. Plus, the recessed handles don’t stick out and potentially catch on things as you walk by.

Note: Penco makes a variety of different locker sizes and tiers that vary by width, depth, etc.. The specs apply for the models shown on this page, however, you can order different sizes as well.

Plus, you can choose from a number of colors and even models with built-in locks. In addition, you can save a significant amount of money by purchasing locker in multiple units.

Specs for Metal Sports Lockers:

  • Dimensions: 72″ Tall (78″ Tall with legs) x 12″ Wide x 15″ Deep
  • Double-Tier Locker Size: 36″ Tall x 12″ Wide x 15″ Deep
  • Leg Height: 6″ Tall
  • Weight: Approximately 62 lbs Per Locker Unit
  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Powder Coated (scratch-resistant)
  • 2 Color Options: Grey and Champagne
  • Assembly Required
  • Model: Vanguard
  • Manufacturer: Penco
  • Phone: 1-800-562-1000
  • Made in USA
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the Sports Lockers
Matching Plastic Garage Cabinets from Suncast (that you can use as garage storage lockers)

Note: If you need wider cabinets with a greater storage capacity for larger items, you may like Suncast Lockers and cabinets. They are made of a durable plastic resin, yet they have the industrial look of metal.

They come in various sizes and matching sets. Plus you can lock the cabinets as well.


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