Hanging Bikes 101: Cheap & Easy Garage Solutions

Are you tired of tripping over bikes in your cluttered garage? Here are some creative ideas to maximize your garage space and hang your bikes out of the way and off of the floor. Ready to transform your garage? Keep reading!

Hanging Bikes 101: How to hang Bikes in Garage Using 3 Cheap and Easy DIY Solutions

Below, see expert tips on exactly how to hang bikes in your garage. Plus, ways to save time and money and avoid common mistakes.

3 Ways to Hang Bikes in Your Garage:

Storing bikes off of the floor not only keeps them out of the way, it can also help keep them cleaner. You can gain more space in your garage while still keeping your gear easily to reach.

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1. Use a Bike Lift

Want to store your bikes, but don’t have lots of wall space? No problem! Look into getting a bike lift that attaches to the ceiling. They don’t cost a lot of money (you can get 2 for under $50), and installation involves screwing a couple of brackets into the ceiling.

Although inexpensive, this system requires more time and effort to use than a regular low-hanging wall hook. However, you can get a motorized bike lift that essentially does the same thing – but with a lot less effort.

In either case, you can store bicycles off of the floor without needing extra wall space.

Swivel Bike Wall Rack Stores Bikes Easily, Off the Floor and Conserves Garage Space Too

2. Hang Bikes on a Track System

Do you need to store multiple bicycles? A swivel bike wall rack system can hold and organize your gear in a surprisingly space-efficient way. Plus, you don’t have to struggle to lift your bike onto wall hooks.

Simply roll the bike on its back tire onto the wall rack, which elevates the frame off of the floor. Then, fold the hanger flat against the garage wall to conserve space. It’s genius! Plus, you can get one of these rack storage systems (for 4 bikes!) for only about $140-$160.

Note: Do you like this wall hanging design, but don’t care about the swivel feature? You can save money getting a stationary wall bike rack (up to 6 bicycles) that costs less than half the price. However, you will have to lift bikes off the floor to hang them.

3. Freestanding Bike Storage Rack

Do you live in an apartment or don’t want to drill any holes in your walls? No problem! Get a freestanding vertical bike rack.

You can still take advantage of the space-saving and organizational features of a wall rack without having to permanently affix any hardware to your walls. Plus, you can move it if you move or decide to set it up in a different location.

You will need to assemble the rack yourself, and it’s not cheap. However, the convenience factor is nice, and you may even be able to re-sell it if you only need it for a certain period of time.

Need a bike rack for eBikes? The SteadyBike rack is designed especially for electric bikes with fenders. Customers agree that these brackets make ebike storage almost effortless.

Save Time By Prepping Your Space First:

First of all, clear and clean the area where you want to hang the bikes. This allows you to easily measure and install any racks or hanging systems and minimize the chance of making a mistake.

In addition, you may realize that the wall provides enough space for a cabinet, shelf or hooks to store bike accessories. For example, helmets, shoes, bike pumps, locks, etc..

Before you start hanging your bikes, it’s important to prepare your garage space. First, clear out any unnecessary clutter to make room for your bike storage. You can also add shelves or cabinets to help organize your tools and accessories.

Note: When hanging bikes, keep in mind that you want to store them at a height that makes them easily accessible. Plus, you want to allow clearance for parking, doorways and accessing other areas of the garage.

Get DIY Hanging Racks, Hooks or Kits to Save Money:

DIY Bike Hooks for Walls or Ceiling - Chap and Easy Way to Hang and Organize Your Bikes in the Garage

Organized bike storage doesn’t have to be complicated, difficult or expensive. In fact, you can easily make your own DIY bike storage solutions with affordable materials.

For example, you can buy heavy-duty vinyl coated hooks at your local home improvement store and screw them into wall studs or ceiling rafters.

You can use 1 or 2 hooks per bike, depending on how you want to hang it and spend less than $10. These hooks can hold 40-75 lbs each.

You don’t need any special tools either, except maybe a stud finder and/or an electric drill to drill a pilot hole for the hook. And the entire project can be completed in under 15 minutes.

How to Avoid Mistakes with These Pro Bike Hanging Tips:

Hanging bikes in your garage doesn’t require lots of skills, tools or experience. However, you want to install your hanging rack or hooks right the first time – to prevent costly accidents.

  • Use Sturdy Hooks: Check that the hooks you choose can hold the right amount of weigh. I like to use extra-large hooks, just in case. And when in doubt, use 2 hooks.
  • Hang Bikes Vertically: The most space-efficient way to store bikes is typically vertically (one wheel above the other).
  • Make Bike Storage Easily Accessible: If you hang your bike too high off the ground, sometimes if can be difficult or dangerous to get down. So, check that you don’t hang it too high.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your tools and start hanging those bikes! With pro expert tips, you’ll gain more space in your garage – and you’ll probably end up using your bike more.


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