Garage Door Insulation Kit – a Quick 60-Minute DIY

You can add lots of organized storage space to your home via garage cabinets. In turn, by reducing clutter, you can increase the available space that you can then use to do more stuff. So, what about using a garage door insulation kit to to insulate it?

How to Insulate Your Garage Door in Under 60 Minutes with a Quick and Easy Garage Door Insulation Kit

In cases like this, it makes sense to insulate your garage door to make your new “room” much more comfortable.

How to Insulate a Garage Door – the Easy Way

And this weatherproofing project may actually be easier and cheaper than you think. In fact, you can do it yourself in about 1 hour without needing any special tools – using a basic garage door insulation kit.


In addition to insulating your garage, these easy-to-install panels give your door a more clean, finished appearance. It’s kind of like painting a wall, but without the drippy mess.

Plus, insulation will help reduce outside noise as well. If you live by a busy street or simply appreciate less noise, you’ll like this garage door kit even more!

And heck, if your garage attaches to your home, this easy DIY home improvement project may even reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills. Personally, I think the benefits far outweigh the cost of insulating a garage door.

Garage Door Insulation Panel Being Installed by Hand

The cost, by the way, ends up being less than $100 for panels that cover a 9 foot wide x 7 foot tall roll-up door. No need to hire contractors to do the work for you – and you can get all the materials shipped to your door for free.

As you can see, the foam-like panels arrive in smaller manageable pieces. Just measure panels, cut to size, bend and push into place.

Tools/Supplies Needed:

  • Straight Edge
  • Utility Knife
  • Tape Measure
  • Work Gloves
  • Safety Googles

Now that you know how easy and affordable this project is, you may be thinking, “Why not take the cars out altogether and turn the garage into a big recreation room?”

I don’t blame you. That’s a good idea.

Specs for Garage Door Insulation Kit:

  • R-value @ 75°F: 4.8 for 1¼” thick panels
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Applications: Single 8′ & 9′ Metal Doors – Double 16′ & 18′ Metal Doors
  • Boards Per Kit: 8 boards
  • Residential Dimensions: 20¼” x 54″ x 1¼”
  • Commercial Dimensions: 23¼” x 54″ x 1¼”
  • Installation Instructions
  • Get Matador Garage Insulating Kit Here

Another option is to use the Owens Corning garage door insulation kit. They fit snugly into the exposed channel of the door.

Just like the Matador panels above, these install in under an hour. You don’t need any special tools, and the price is affordable.

The company boasts that these panels provide 5 times better thermal performance and 20% reduction in noise level. In addition, these R-8 Fiberglass Panels with White Vinyl Facing resist dents and they clean easily.


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