4 Key Advantages of Using Garage Base Cabinets

Have you have been thinking about adding a workbench to your garage? Do you need some extra storage space too? Why not save yourself some time and work? Check out these 2 sets of garage base cabinets.

Base Cabinets with Drawers and Worktop for Garage Storage, Locking

First of all, Ulti-Mate makes base cabinets full of pull-out drawers. You can buy a set of 6 together, giving you lots of organized storage space with 24 drawers. (Plus, they lock!)

The package also includes legs to elevate the cabinets off of the ground. In addition, the set comes with a matching durable worktop surface, which sits at 37″ high.

Second, the Ulti-Mate Garage PRO 2-Door Base Cabinet Package provides lots of easy-to-access storage as well as a sturdy tabletop for working on projects.

Garage Base Cabinets

The Advantages of Using Only Base-Cabinet Storage:

These lower cabinets can help you organize (and hide away) lots of supplies, tools and gear without taking over an entire wall. If you don’t need upper cabinet storage space, our garage can still appear more spacious with the upper portion of the wall free and clear.

Alternatively, you can use the open wall space to add a pegboard to hang tools and other items. Pegboards are very handy for items that you use frequently.

Note: Don’t be afraid of loading heavy equipment in these cabinets, either. Each shelf can handle up to 200 lbs, each cabinet unit up to 300 lbs. (At this level, you may be able to store more than you think!).

No Additional Worktop Required!

You have the option to add a heavy-duty piece of plywood or particle board on top of the cabinets. This will create a useable working surface that you don’t have to worry about making a mess on. That said, no additional top is required, since the units themselves provide a sturdy, usable surface.

Ulti-MATE also sells a bamboo worktop that fits perfectly on top of the cabinets. It has a more finished look, yet it’s tough and sturdy too.

The Ulti-MATE Base Cabinet Package, & How It’s Versatile

Garage Base Cabinet, Open

This package includes a set of (4) two-door base cabinets with interior shelving. They do require assembly.

Fully assembled, the unit measures 142″ wide x 21″ deep x 35″ high and has a graphite gray and silver finish. The adjustable metal legs (included) keep the cabinets conveniently elevated off of the garage floor too.

Another nice feature to this package is that the 4 units can be used together along one wall, or they can be used separately along adjoining or opposite walls. Customize them to suit your storage needs.

Measurements for each 2-door cabinet are: 35.25″ wide x 21″ deep x 35″ high.

The Upgraded Look May Cost You Less than You Think…

The sleek laminate finish along with the brushed chrome handles give these cabinets much more style. The finish and hardware are also designed to look good for a long time, with minimal upkeep. This is what I call, “increasing the value of your garage”.

Ulti-MATE Garage designs modern contemporary garage cabinetry that is professional-grade, industrial strength. It you are looking for durable functionality as well as a high-style addition that will pay for itself when you go to sell your home, this is it.


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