Keter Tool Storage Cabinets: What Do You Get?…

Keter Tool storage cabinets are sturdy, durable and easy-to-assemble. In addition, they add a handful of extra convenient features like ergonomic handles, adjustable legs and lockable doors.

Black Suncast Heavy Duty Resin Garage Cabinets - Upper, Base and Tall Matching CabinetsNote: If the Keter Tool Cabinets are out of stock, check out the Suncast heavy dusty black garage cabinets.

You can create your own matching set with tall, base and upper cabinets. They are strong and sturdy with a high 50-200 lbs weight capacity per shelf. Plus, you can put them together in under an hour.

Keter Tool Storage Cabinets Along Wall in Garage

On top of that, they are affordable. Plus, you can save even more money when you get one of their multi-cabinet packages.

What You Get:

Their XL Pro Garage System Utility Tool Package comes with 2 large storage cabinets, 2 upper wall cabinets and 2 lower base cabinets. All pieces are separate, and therefore you can arrange your garage storage cabinets however you like.

The photo above shows a symmetrical arrangement that lets you place a piece of wood on top of the base cabinets and create a workbench very inexpensively.

Keter Cabinet Package Includes:

  • Wall cabinets (2): 23.62″ long x 14.17″ wide x 23.62″ tall
  • Base cabinets (2): 34.65″ long x 17.72″ wide x 39.17″ high
  • Tall cabinets (2): 34.65″ long x 17.72″ wide x 73.62″ high

Cabinet Construction Makes a Difference…

Keter Garage Cabinets Made from Durable Polypropylene Resin and Steel ReinforcementAs I mentioned above, these garage cabinets are sturdy. They are constructed from polypropylene resin, and they have metal reinforcement. This makes them extra strong while being ultra portable.

Another benefit to the resin is that it also easy to clean. Plus, the material doesn’t ding or dent like other materials. No need for re-painting either.

The tall and base cabinets contain adjustable shelves, which can hold up to 100 lbs of supplies, tools, etc.. (upper wall cabinets can hold up to 22 lbs per shelf). Because of their strength and sturdiness, these cabinets can hold more items than other units of comparable size.

This is another way that Keter saves you both money and space in your garage.

Even though the cabinets are heavy duty, they are fairly lightweight. This makes them easier to assemble and move around (when they are empty of course).

Note: This package does not include the tool pegboard shown, nor the wood workbench top. If you want to lock your cabinets, you will need to purchase padlocks separately.

6-Piece Keter Garage Cabinet Package, Shown with Tool Pegboard, Wood Workbench Top and Stool

Keter makes an entire line of utility cabinets in addition to durable outdoor sheds, deck boxes, gardening storage, home organization, outdoor furniture and more.