Cheap Heavy Duty Storage Shelves for Garage

Do you organize everything in your garage without having to spend a lot of money? This set of cheap heavy duty storage shelves can transform an entire garage wall into floor-to-ceiling shelving…

Cheap Heavy Duty Storage Shelves for Garage

Add Lots of Storage AND Customize Shelves to Your Garage:

First of all, this garage organizing system includes 4 units of 5-tier shelves. Stacked in a row beside each other, they can span the entire back wall adding a bunch of easy-to-access storage space.

Alternatively, you can line them up along a side wall or against 2 walls at a corner. Since this shelving system comes in small sections, you have more options as to how you want to arrange them.

Note: The shelves don’t extend all the way to ceiling, but rather the highest sits at 5 feet tall. Therefore, you can store taller or bulkier items on the top shelf and still have them within arms reach.

Open Shelves May Work Even Better than Cabinets:

Second, the open shelves make items easier to access and find. Plus, the lighter-weight frames make them easier to move. Not to mention, you can install them much quicker.

Heavy Duty Garage Shelf Features

Furthermore, you don’t have to allow extra space for swing-open doors. As a result, these 18″ deep shelves often fit better than cabinets along garage side walls.

That said, some people prefer enclosed storage because it simply looks cleaner. (Cabinet doors also work really well at hiding a good mess!)

How to Hide Clutter with Storage Tubs:

Set of 6 Heavy Duty Garage Storage Shelves for Easy, Cheap Organizing

So with open shelving, I recommend using tubs that slide in and out.

Then, add labels on your bins, and you’ve created a neat, well-organized storage wall without having to pay for more expensive cabinets.

In addition, plastic tubs conveniently keep moisture, dirt and pests away from your stuff. Even better than cabinets in this case!

Note: You can adjust the shelf height on each unit. Consequently, you can customize the shelves to fit your particular items (or tubs, if you decide to use them).

Store More Things by Taking Advantage of Vertical Space:

Sometimes, we don’t know how much storage space we actually have until we go up vertically. In fact, you may not know much storage space you gain until you set up your shelves.

Keep in mind that the sturdy metal frame construction allows you to store over 500 lbs per shelf. Therefore, you don’t have to limit yourself to only lighter-weight items.

Industrial Metal Storage Shelves in Kitchen

These Industrial Shelves Even Look Good Indoors:

Do you need some cheap shelving or storage space in your kitchen, pantry, laundry room or home office?

These industrial shelves are not only functional, but their heavy-duty steel frames add commercial style too.

Not to mention, these cheap storage shelves provide a quick and easy way to add shelving to a closet. Or build wall storage in a basement, for that matter.

In any case, these mobile shelf units can save you money compared to the permanent built-ins. Not to mention, you can move them around if you want.

Specs for Cheap Heavy Duty Storage Shelves:

  • 5 Shelves per Unit
  • Package Includes 4 Units
  • Unit Dimensions: 72″ Tall x 36″ Wide x 18″ Deep
  • Weight per 5-Shelf Unit: 52 lbs
  • Weight Capacity per Shelf: 583 lbs
  • Frame Material: Heavy Duty Steel
  • Shelves: MDF Boards
  • Assembly Required
  • Model #: AM1762HM
  • Brand: TANGKULA
  • Where to Buy the Cheap Storage Shelves


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